Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Really Free Credit Score

So now you know how important your credit score is. How do you find it? That's where the problem comes in.

There many places advertising free credit reports and free credit scores, but in the fine print you have to sign up for their services. This can cost you between $10 a month to $90 a year. For this fee you get different services, maybe monthly reports, many reports whenever you want them, maybe monitoring alerts. If you want these things this could be a good deal for you. I had a service several years ago from one of my credit cards that allowed me to go online whenever I wanted to and see my credit report and credit score. They would also send me e-mail alerts if there were any changes on my credit report. This cost me $10 a month and I thought it was a pretty fair deal. If you really want these things for free you can sign up for these services get your reports and then cancel within the time allowed.
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As of now, the only place I found a really free score is a place called Credit Karma. They seemed safe enough and you don't need to do the credit card fake out trick. I have checked their feedback and the only negative thing I've seen so far is that their score doesn't track 100% with FICO. But for me it's close enough. They give you some really nice tools to compare and understand your score. Understand, that since you do have to give your personal information including your social security number to any of these people, that this is a decision you have to make for yourself.

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